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2023: Volume 4, Issue 1
Research Article

Potential Spatial Diversity of Pathogenic Intestinal Parasites in Dog’s Faecal Matter in Port Harcourt, Niger Delta: A Huge Source of Environmental Contamination Risk Outcome

Azuonwu Obioma1*, Igah Elizabeth Bomalaka1, Adebayo-Olajide2, Testimonies Chikanka, Reuben Edith3, Azuonwu Goodluck4, Poplong Angel Natasha5, John-Amadi Victory6 Sorbari, Vetty Agala7, Wokem Gloria Ngozika1

Research Article

Application of Mathematical Model-Latent Class Model in Methodological Evaluation of Diagnostic Algorithms and Imperfect Reference Standard of Selected Index Test Techniques in Parasitology

Azuonwu Obioma1,*, Ihua, Nnenna1, Adebayo-Olajide Testimonies2, Chikanka Onwuli Donatus3, Reuben E4, Orabueze, Ifeoma Celestina5, Azuonwu Goodluck6, Poplong Natasha Angel7, Tamuno-Boma8, Odinga, Omaegbu Ebere Elizabeth9, John-Amadi Victory Sorbari10, Ekwuozor, Ikem Kris Eloka10, Wokem Gloria Ngozika1, Vetty Agala11

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